Last year, Stockport Homes Group, an 11,500-home ALMO, was invited by the Ministry of Housing. Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to join the Social Sector (Building Safety) Engagement Best Practice Group, comprising eight social landlords, with the aim of leveraging the sector’s resident engagement expertise to improve fire safety.

Thanks to our great communications, Stockport Homes exceeded this brief. We surveyed 600 residents across 22 tower blocks to ascertain the most effective methods for conveying fire safety information. We then provided these residents with a fire safety infographic, co-designed and approved by regional fire services, using each participant’s preferred method of communication: email, text, letter or poster. All 30,000+ Stockport Homes customers received direct communications too, delivered in a way that was deemed best by the sample data.

We backed up all of this desired communication with digital messages, including fire safety videos.

A few weeks later, we asked their residents the same questions again. The aim was twofold: to see whether the infographic had boosted their fire safety knowledge, and to understand how different communication formats affected residents’ confidence in and ability to recall this information.

Stockport Home's fire safety communications has won several awards for this campaign.


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