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Easily accessible customer communications

The Client
Stockport Homes is Stockport's largest landlord, managing over 12000 properties on behalf of Stockport Council and Private Landlords, as well as their own stock.

The Challenge
Stockport Homes were communicating to customers through a detailed physical newsletter which took the form of a magazine. As part of Stockport Homes' environmental goals, they wanted to reduce the amount of paper being printed, while still being able to inform their customers of news that would impact them.

The Result
We developed a regular digital newsletter that customers could read wherever they are. Created with customers in mind - the newsletters have enticing subject-lines, easy-to-read text, personalised graphics and are laid out in a unique way to ensure people feel a sense of excitement while reading them. Following the implementation of the digital newsletter - website traffic, clicks and social following all increased substantially. This has ensured Stockport Homes has many ways to interact with customers and further reinforce messages that are in each newsletter.

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