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Let Us

Let Us is a partnership made up of local authorities and housing providers. The partners behind Let Us came together under a single banner and new brand, so they could collectively improve the private rental sector across Greater Manchester.

Let Us were excited to be partnering with a social investment fund which were giving them access to a £20 million pot that allowed Let Us to purchase properties in Greater Manchester, and rent them at affordable prices to local people who needed a place to call home. To ensure property owners knew how they could work with Let Us and to encourage other investors to get involved, the new partnership needed visibility across business and consumer audiences.

How has Marketing by Home supported them?

  • We developed a newsworthy narrative about the social investment fund

  • PR and comms strategy


Thanks to our team at Marketing by Home Let Us had 600% more visitors to their website compared to the previous month, while social followers increased by over 40% across Twitter & LinkedIn.


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